Meet Cece Calhoun

•Job Title: Cutting Specialist at Circle C & Blowdry Educator

•Hometown: Humble,TX

•School: The Aveda Institute Austin

•What got me interested in the industry: I earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. After my time at UT, I realized that I might not have the mental fortitude required to be successful as a counselor. So, I started looking for other avenues to use the skills and knowledge I had gained. Cosmetology is an awesome industry through which I can have a positive impact on the confidence and self-worth of others as well as fulfill my creativity.

•My favorite part of the job: I love making people feel uplifted, understood, and taken care of.


•What am I looking forward to next year: Traveling! I am taking a long weekend in both January and February to travel to two states I have never visited before: Tennessee and Kentucky. I am excited to get to experience new cities but this southern girl is a little afraid of the cold weather.

•Little known facts about me: I could eat pizza every day of the week. I lived in Italy for a summer. I have two dogs that are rescues, Indie and Res. I have a twin sister named Haley. I LOVE to dance.