Meet Brittney Mcjessy

•Job Title: Cutting Specialist at the Domain

•Hometown: Waynesville, Missouri

•School: Paul Mitchell the School Austin

•What got me interested in the industry: When I was little, my next door neighbor turned her garage into a little salon and I would always spend a lot of time there. It's actually where I met some of my first friends.  I remember having so much fun in that salon. 

•My favorite part of the job: When I get to make people's day. I love when my clients leave feeling beautiful and confident. 

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•What am I looking forward to next year: Taking as many extra classes as possible. Really broadening my horizons, and knowing as much as I can about what I love to do

•Little known facts about me: I'm an army brat and grew up over seas. I get distracted whenever I see a dog.  And I'm very easy going.