Meet Sabrina Williams

•Job Title: Cutting Specialist at South Congress

•Hometown: I am one of the last standing unicorns of Austin! Yup that's right, born and raised in Austin, Texas!

•School:  Aveda Institute Austin

•What got me interested in the industry: I wanted to help people feel good about themselves.   

•My favorite part of the job: I love to make people feel good, it makes me happy too! I always knew that I wanted to do something that could help people but didn't want to be anything in the medical field. Hairdressers really have the opportunity to make someone feel  amazing when they are in the salon. This is also my favorite part of the job!

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•What am I looking forward to next year: For the new year I really want to focus on continuing mastering my Haircutting and styling skills. I want to know all the things! Truly mastering a skill takes years and I'm enjoying my journey so far.

•Little known facts about me: I am a huge nerd! I love Harry Potter and re read the series about once a year. I love video games and read comic books. P.S. I'm a Ravenclaw.